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9/11 Memorial

Not having any relatives from New York, not knowing anyone from there, it always seemed so distant. Walking on the grounds was pretty intense. Sobering.


New York Bikes

One of the first thing I noticed was that bikes were everywhere in Manhattan. Mostly, bikes with motors, but they were still bikes. I guess. None in the subway though. Why is that? Are they not allowed? Maybe it’s not necessary because everything is so close? I guess we’ll never know.

I thought this sticker was great. Anyone been there? They have a great sense of humor that’s for sure.

That’s all the bike content I got from New York. I know, it’s so good that it was all I needed. Would I ride a bike as much if I lived there? Not sure. The subway can get you everywhere AND give you saddle sores without that annoying working out business. Way to go New York. Way to go.



One of the best parts about New York was the Subway. Gritty, grimy and historic. Filled with vibrant colors and the occasional human excrement. Watch where you put your feet.

The locals are so quick that they seem to float.

Take the 3 Train to Saratoga Av to get to the “Home of the Brave Hearts”.

Our American Gothic.


The Beat Goes On

Yep, back at it. The holidays are over. Nobody died in a Mayan Apocalypse, or a family gathering. Nope, nothing too exciting. Oh wait, maybe one thing. What’s it called again? Oh yeah. NEW YORK!!

Serbrina and I went to New York for Christmas. Neither one of us had ever been. She’d never even been on a plane before! I know, right? Well all I can say for that place is that it is dirty, and grimy, and awesome. I never went outside without my camera and I took pictures of the things that stood out to me. Probably not your normal touristy photos. Who gives a #$%@ though. It’s the New York that I saw.

For the holiday break I didn’t turn any pedals. Didn’t get any camping in. While friends were killing the Festive 500 I was learnin’ spanish in Rosetta Stone. Learning more about Lightroom and Photoshop and watching Arrested Development. Oh, and Anchorman too. Yep, that’s it.

Now it’s time to get back to work. Back to the grind. Like they said “The Beat Goes On”. Just watch out for those trees ok?