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My Swift Campout Pics

This past weekend Golden Saddle Cyclery hosted one of the #swiftcampout rides. I was lucky enough to be involved in it in a small part. We met at the shop and then made our way up to Mt. Lowe Trail Camp, about 5,000 feet above Los Angeles. We had two route options, one more dirt and one less dirt, and Kyle led one and I led the other. My route was up the Angeles Crest and it was long and hard. Yeah, I just said that. Long. And. Hard.

I guess I didn’t get to taking pictures until our group split up. An oversight on my part. So here are mostly pictures of our climb up the Angeles Crest.

It took longer to climb Angeles Crest than I expected due to the heat and the loaded bikes. This added up to the final paved climb and the dirt descent in the dark. We finally made it to camp at around 10:30pm and were able to join the group that had been there for 4 hours or so. It didn’t go quite as planned but it was a great day to be on the bike.

Huge thanks to Kyle, David, Ray and everyone else that helped to get supplies to camp. Also to Martina and Swift Industries for creating such an event. We had a great time and I don’t know that it would’ve happened without their motivation.



We are headed way up there!



JPL and Beyond

I’ve been lookin’ at this route on paper for a while and it was time to pedal it. To figure out just how bad, or not, it was. How much walkin’. How much pushin’. I emailed the usual suspects and only Bruce was able to join me. The rest of the gang said they had “shit to do”. I think I should ask people to join me first and then describe the ride. Maybe that’s my flaw.


We both rode our Fargos which were going to be perfect for a ride like this. Lots of fireroad, some single track and a good portion of pavement to get there and back. We actually both agreed that our older Fargo builds with a triple really shines on this bike. It’s so good to shift into the big ring and chase down roadies after using the little ring in the morning climbing dirt roads.


I don’t like to carry a backpack, but I opted for the good camera today. In fact I had three of them, counting my phone, which made Bruce laugh. Good for him though, since he had his own photographer all day. I used my Topo Designs Trip Pack to carry my camera, some snacks and my map and compass. It is the perfect size for that stuff. (If’n you’re interested in their bags let me know. I have a discount code!)



We started the dirt at JPL which was smooth for a while and then we hit the washed out section. We pushed for about 20 yards and then were able to ride again. A large group of Boy Scouts stood to the side of the trail and allowed us to pedal past. I thanked them all as we rode by. We should’ve yielded to them so it was very kind of them to wave us past. We started climbing out of the canyon and taking advantage of the incline I practiced my non-existent wheelie skills. The second one I held for a solid 1.5 seconds and when the front touched down I heard a hiss from the rear. Was that a snake? Some bugs in the brush? Please? Nope you idiot! Horsin’ around I cut the sidewall on the rear. My tubeless tire didn’t have enough jizz (that’s what I call it) to seal it up anymore. I tried adding air and the cut grew with the pressure. Oh well, that’s why you carry tubes right? I handed Bruce the camera to document the process.




Rolling again it was up and up and up. We could see the Angeles Crest way above us and, at the time, I didn’t think we would climb that high. I was wrong. We finally popped out at the Crest and decided to pedal up some more to another fire road. One that neither of us had been on, but had passed probably hundred’s of times. Mt. Lukens fire road.




We were running out of time so I suggested we climb to a point where it looked like we could see the front of the range. We had been climbing up through the smaller canyons and I was hoping for a view.




So we pushed on and rewarded with not only a view, but a bench to sit at. Sitting there we could see most of our route up the canyon and the many “steps” we took to get up there. It was the perfect place to wrap up our day.


The payoff for all this climbing of course was a fun downhill. I guess that’s part of why we do what we do. Pedal up to shred down. That’s what we did, and it was good.




Topanga Creek Bicycles Day

Serbrina and I went out to Topanga Creek Bicycles on Saturday to visit the shop. It’s always good to see Chris and Eric and we don’t see them often enough. We got to meet the new shop dog, Rover and he was super excited to see us. I mean, really excited.

Topanga Creek Bicycles shop dog Rover

Topanga Creek Bicycles Tool Wall

I did manage to take a spin on a Surly ECR and check out the graphics on the new Salsa Fargo. They are really cool.
Salsa Fargo New Graphics

Salsa Fargo

We visited for about an hour before heading down to Pedaler’s Fork to check that place out. It measured up to the hype. They have a Moots Boutique inside and even their own coffee roasters! We bought a bag of the Topanga Creek Bicycles blend so that every time I drink some coffee some good vibes get sent up TCB’s way.

Topanga Creek Bicycles own blend of 10 Speed Coffee


Mt. Lowe in the Wet

I’d been itchin’ to get out and pedal. Been a while since I’ve been wrestlin’ with a cold and an annoying cough. Friday was lookin’ good but we woke up to some rain on Saturday. I wasn’t really looking forward to riding in the rain, but Bruce wanted to break in his new Fargo. I guess we were riding.

We left the truck with a steady down pour and headed up. I felt like I was back on the Divide. The constant wet, the creek forming on the side of the road. I sure didn’t feel like I was in Los Angeles. I was though. I love this place.


More Pics from the Stagecoach 400 Recon

Yesterday I posted my pics from our ride. Here are the pics from the guys perspective.

Andrew’s pics are here.

Michael has posted his pics on his blog. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Read them all!

Last but not least is Gnat’s blog. There is only one pic now, but I’m sure more will pop up. He was the best photog on the trip so I can’t wait to see what he’s got up his sleeves.


Stagecoach 400 (Kinda)

The road less traveled is at some times the hardest thing you’ve done. It is often times the most rewarding as well. Five friends, set out to ride their bikes across deserts, through washes and over mountains. We didn’t accomplish our goal in miles, but we got what we came for. Clear skies, clear heads, adventure and tall tales of a few days in the desert.

We missed you Mathy.