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Olde Timey Bikepacking

As many of you know, bikepacking is quickly becoming the cool new thing. Now all the kids are doing it and riding mixed-terrain with your sleeping bag is cool. Well, as the two readers of this blog know, it’s not new. We here at Frontage Roads HQ have been enjoyin’ a nice sleep in the dirt preceded by a long pedal sesh for quite some time now. However, even we aren’t the old timers. In the grand scheme of things we are all the new kids and this current wave of fresh stoke is pretty cool. Yesterday I kept seein’ this article all over the facebook about a 3,000km bike tour across Australia 100 years ago.

Now, it could just be a series of modern pictures with a crazy Instagram filter, but it looks legit to me. We’ll see. To quote Mike Watt, who was paraphrasing Harry Truman, “the only thing new is you, findin’ out about it”. I think Ryko would look at all of us current fans of the bikepackery and say “it’s over!”.

Speaking of rad things and bike touring, the good people at Swift Industries have a new shirt. It’s got a bike, it’s got panniers and it’s got the Ozette on the front. EVERYTHING!! Support these rad people that make rad things for gettin’ rad.