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About a month ago we picked up a used tandem to try out. So far we’ve only taken it out for a ride once, but it went pretty well.

We rode an easy 8 mile loop from home. We made Cycleway Coffee in Highland Park our destination. I just learned about them from Twitter.

The ride was a good shakedown both for us as tandem riders and the bike. For us, the ride back was much smoother as we figured out a rhythm and the process of starting and stopping. In terms of the bike though, it needs some work. First off is Serbrina’s seat. It’s not very comfortable for her. Second is the shifting. There is too much slack on the front shifter so using the triple, which was necessary, was very difficult. Lastly, I need new tires.

I hope to have these issues worked out in the next week or two. We have already signed up for our first ride, the Tour de Palm Springs.