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Topanga Creek Bicycles Day

Serbrina and I went out to Topanga Creek Bicycles on Saturday to visit the shop. It’s always good to see Chris and Eric and we don’t see them often enough. We got to meet the new shop dog, Rover and he was super excited to see us. I mean, really excited.

Topanga Creek Bicycles shop dog Rover

Topanga Creek Bicycles Tool Wall

I did manage to take a spin on a Surly ECR and check out the graphics on the new Salsa Fargo. They are really cool.
Salsa Fargo New Graphics

Salsa Fargo

We visited for about an hour before heading down to Pedaler’s Fork to check that place out. It measured up to the hype. They have a Moots Boutique inside and even their own coffee roasters! We bought a bag of the Topanga Creek Bicycles blend so that every time I drink some coffee some good vibes get sent up TCB’s way.

Topanga Creek Bicycles own blend of 10 Speed Coffee


Ridin’ with the Rough Riders

On Saturday Bruce and I joined the Rough Riders for their Semi-Epic ride. Neither Bruce or I had ridden with them before and weren’t quite sure what we were getting into. We were both in agreement that we were probably in over our head. We were right. It’s funny how you can feel like you are in good shape, and then when you ride with people in great shape you really feel out of shape.

I rode the Fargo and Bruce rode his Bleriot. The Fargo was a pretty good choice for this ride. I think I could have ridden the LHT, but it wouldn’t have been as much fun.

The ride took us up the famous Mandeville canyon. At least I think it was that Mandeville Canyon. Then we made our way to Sullivan Canyon up to the junction of Sullivan Ridge. The group was nice enough to wait for us and we continued on to Dirt Mulholland. We made a left turn at a junction and headed to an area called the Hub. From here we headed down to Trippet Ranch and Topanga. On this descent Bruce had a blow out. It was at this point we told the group to head on without us. We fixed the flat and continued down to Topanga Canyon.

Our destination was Topanga Creek Bicycles. We left my truck there earlier so we hung out for a while before heading home.

Many thanks to Chris Kostman for putting on this ride!

Now for some pics. You can click the photos to see them larger. All the photos are on my smugmug here.

Here’s Chris giving us an explanation of where we are heading. Extra points for catching the runner in the shot.

The Fargo.

Bruce on his Rivendell.

We are heading way over there.

Bruce again.

Chris descending.


Bruce and his blown tube. It blew the tire off the rim!

A closeup view of the tire.

Changing the tire.

Near Trippet parking area.

Here’s a GPS track and the elevation profile from the ride.

Rough Riders Ride-Partial

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