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Damn. I’m in Banff! So weird seeing people that you’ve seen on the Internet in person. Recognizing buildings from blog posts. Kinda strange. We are staying at the Y with most of the other racers. Wait, am I a racer now? I guess so. I seem to be anyways. My bike looks similar, gear looks similar.

Yesterday my bike was at the local shop Soul Ski getting serviced. The rear derailleur wasn’t working properly and the tires were still not holding air. They are installed some Stan’s for me and that seems to be working now.

My camera died, so I had to get a new one. The Lumix TS3 for you camera fans.

Highlight of the day though was hanging out with Scott of PorcelainRocket.com and making a small toptube bag from scratch. That was really eye opening for me. Totally custom and I even got to do some of the sewing. You can tell if you look for the crooked lines! Huge thanks Scott!

Oh yeah, we also rode the first 6 miles of the trail. To say it’s beautiful just isn’t enough. Glad I have a working camera to capture it, just hope I don’t stop to often to soak it all in!

We may leave this afternoon. We haven’t decided yet, but we are leaning that way. Keep an eye on the SPOT tracker. If it’s moving south, it has begun!


Neither here nor there . . .

Much self-doubt has been creeping in and clouding my head over the past few weeks. Serbrina has set me straight on what needs to be done and more importantly what I’m capable of. Things are still unclear right now. I may be in Banff, I may not. One thing is for sure, I couldn’t do it without her. She seems to think I can do anything, and with her support, I just might be able to.