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Yosemite for New Years

This year we had planned to spend New Years out in Joshua Tree. We had both been looking forward to it for the entire month and this was to be our first time away from home for the holiday. Over christmas though we go some intel from my Aunt that Yosemite had snow on the valley floor. So we decided to head north instead, in search of snow and adventure.

We got to Yosemite on the 30th and were lucky to find clear skies. Some clouds, but no rain. There was snow everywhere, but the roads were clear so driving was no problem. We had chains in the truck just in case, but we didn’t need them.

Serbrina had no memories of ever experiencing snow, so I was really excited for her to get there and play in it. She was very excited to touch it for the first time, as an adult at least.

Unfortunately for me she figured out what to do pretty quick!

After two failed attempts to get to Bridalveil Falls, we made it this time. There was finally enough parking spots for us. The water was even higher than when we were there in November.

Looking back on where I’ve been.

It was a great trip and we were lucky to have great lighting for some picture taking.

If you want to see the photos larger you can find them here on my smugmug.