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Nov 25 14

Annual Milestone

by Errin

Yesterday on my ride home, or maybe it was the ride in (who knows), I passed a personal milestone. As of yesterday I’ve passed my most miles ridden in a year mark. 5100 miles pedaled so far this year. The last time I had ridden this many miles was when I was preparing for the […]

Nov 23 14

Sunday Jams

by Errin

  This weekend I was supposed to be somewhere else. Out in the desert pedalin’ bikes with friends. Mostly digital friends, but at least one in real life. Things didn’t work out and instead I stayed home. I spent most of the weekend being lazy and that means playing records. Not a bad way to […]

Nov 20 14

Another #LARiverCampCoffe

by Errin

We had another great edition of #larivercampcoffee. I’m stoked on the turnout that we’ve been getting. Just about every week there is at least one new person. Maybe we’re on to something here?

Nov 13 14

Los Angeles County Coffee Connoiseurs!

by Errin

Introducing the Los Angeles County Coffee Connoiseurs! For a few weeks now we’ve been meeting on the banks of the LA River to enjoy coffee and hang out before work. What started as just myself has slowly grown into a regular meeting of like-minded folks. We’ve been averaging about 15 or so people for the […]

Nov 12 14

#LARivercampcoffee 11/12/14

by Errin

Another week, another #larivercampcoffee. This week the stakes were raised a bit. I used my Bakepacker to make some Banana Bread. It was nowhere as good as the Banana Bread from Topanga Creek Bicycles, but it was good. I’ve got a lot to learn from Chris. Also, Jeff brought a flower, and that was nice. […]

Nov 6 14

#LARiverCampCoffee is Growing!

by Errin

This week we had our largest turnout to date! About 20 people came out to enjoy some coffee or tea along the LA River. Some brought stoves, some brought coffee in a thermos, some brought donuts and Kyle brought biscuits! A ton of new faces came out and hopefully next week there will be more. […]

Oct 27 14

SoCal Four Wheel Camper Rally

by Errin

This weekend Serbrina and I went to our first Four Wheel Camper Rally. There were about 20 rigs there of all different builds/options. I was too busy checking them out and just generally relaxing to take too many pics. Kinda regret it now. We met some really nice people and saw some great rigs. Got […]

Oct 24 14

These Shirts Fight MS!

by Errin

Wanna cool shirt? How about buying a shirt that’s gonna do some good as a b-b-b-bonus? Well check these out. Kjeld of donated a few of his shirts and 100% of the sale of these shirts will go towards fighting MS and kicking it in the face! There are three shirt options. Grey with […]

Oct 22 14

#Coffeeneuring 3

by Errin

Today we had another weekly installment of our LA River coffee gang. Wait, we’re a gang now? YEP! Our numbers doubled since last week! It was pretty rad to see all the people show up today. Woody brought his son out in his trailer and Steven walked over! Bikes are fun, but not necessary. I […]

Oct 22 14

LA River Coffee or #coffeewithoutwalls

by Errin

I’ve been really trying to participate in Mary’s #Coffeeneuring challenge that started a couple weeks ago. Plans that were set in motion months ago have conspired to keep me off the bike on the weekend’s though, so I’ve had to make do with weekday outings. For a few months a small group of us have […]