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Aug 27 14

Coffee Wednesday Reboot

by Errin

Time to get this thing started again. Been too long. Woke up early and brewed some coffee, then got to Donut Friend before they opened. Byron met me there and we grabbed a few creations to share. Then we pedaled to the LA river and met Ron and Jeff who were patient enough to wait […]

Aug 24 14

Coastal Breeze 300k

by Errin

It’s been a while since I’ve ridden a brevet. Life is like that sometimes. It’s not cool and gets in the way of the fun stuff. I’ve been needin’ a long day on the bike though and this time the stars lined up. There is not much to say. I rode fast, but within my […]

Aug 14 14

October BikeMS Donations

by Errin

CLICK THE PICS! This coming October I will be participating in another BikeMS event to raise money to kick MS in the balls. People ask why I ride and I’ll tell you. My mom has MS, and my friend Aaron has MS. Those are two solid reasons right there. Two solid people that should not […]

Aug 4 14

Back to work!

by Errin

My Summah hiatus officially ends today and after four weeks off I’m headed back to work. Serbrina and I spent the day together yesterday doing nothing really expect chores and cooking. I made a baked potato dish in the Dutch oven that came out really good. Later, Boon gave us a Dutch Oven so that […]

Jul 8 14

FUMS Utah Road Trip

by Errin

What a trip! Not sure how to put it in words so I’m gonna let the pictures do the talkin’. Ok, here’s a few. A few months ago Lee invited me to join his BikeMS team in Logan, Utah. He rode his BikeMS event on a fatbike last year and wanted to create a team […]

Jun 24 14

Breadwinner winning at the Oregon Outback

by Errin

Check out this video by the guys at Breadwinner. Ira Ryan flew through this course. Everything must’ve been a blur he was moving so fast! Breadwinner B-Road and the Outback from Breadwinner Cycles on Vimeo.

Jun 22 14

Four Wheel Camper

by Errin

If there’s one thing that all my readers know, it’s that we like camping. If I could be camping all the time I would. One thing that I’ve always dreamed about is a Sportsmobile, a vehicle that is ready to go at a moment’s notice and capable to get us anywhere. So I started doing […]

Jun 16 14

What’s Your Favorite Camp Mug?

by Errin

Like all good things, trends happen in cycles. We seem to be in a “camping is cool” trend right now and I have to say that I kinda enjoy it. It’s cool to see so many companies making good outdoor gear for those of us that enjoy that kind of stuff. Some high-tech and some […]

Jun 15 14

Telescope Peak Day 3

by Errin

I forgot to finish this up. Sorry. I know that there have been a couple of you waiting very patiently for this. Oh, who am I kidding? Anyways, more pics and less words! Marcus and I got up in the morning and made some coffee. We had planned on making some breakfast but started talking […]

Jun 15 14

Happy Father’s Day!

by Errin

Happy Father’s Day to the best Pops this knucklehead could’ve ever asked for. Not that it was ever an option. I suppose sometimes you just win the lottery.