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Apr 23 14

Crankin’ up the miles.

by Errin

Back in March at the start of the 400k I was talking with Ryan and Shai about the amount of miles they ride per week. Both of these guys are strong riders that I look up to both in terms of performance and mental toughness. I was blown away by how many miles they ride […]

Apr 21 14

Bikes and Friends

by Errin

A few weeks ago I got word that Ben was gonna be out in California for a few days for work. Work for Ben is demoing the current line of Salsa bikes. Not a bad gig right? He brought out three different rides for people to try out. Mostly for the mountain bike crowd. They […]

Apr 15 14

Bikepacking the Mythical State of Jefferson

by Errin

You should read this. Why? Well because it’s a pretty area and some dudes right bikes through it. Stevil Kinevil hooked me in the Foreward and the rest of the words never let me go.

Apr 13 14

JPL and Beyond

by Errin

I’ve been lookin’ at this route on paper for a while and it was time to pedal it. To figure out just how bad, or not, it was. How much walkin’. How much pushin’. I emailed the usual suspects and only Bruce was able to join me. The rest of the gang said they had […]

Apr 11 14

Fatbike Friday

by Errin

With all the news this week of fatbikes getting more boingy and less bouncy I decided I should ride my old style one. It has no suspension and no carbon, but it’s a smile maker through and through. It always brings out the kid in me and fuels the stoke. When I was 8 lounging […]

Apr 7 14

Mt. Wilson Solo Mission

by Errin

Sunday I pointed #projectmersh (The Trek Domane) towards the Angeles Crest for some climbing. I was behind on the miles that I try to pedal each week so I thought I’d try and do a ride that would make up some miles and also test my legs. The previous weekend I rode the Mudfoot Dirty […]

Apr 6 14

Topanga Creek Bicycles Day

by Errin

Serbrina and I went out to Topanga Creek Bicycles on Saturday to visit the shop. It’s always good to see Chris and Eric and we don’t see them often enough. We got to meet the new shop dog, Rover and he was super excited to see us. I mean, really excited. I did manage to […]

Apr 4 14

Commute and Appreciate

by Errin

It’s easy to forget how rad your own city is when you pedal it all the time. Routes become familiar or even boring. It’s not until someone comes from a far away place and you are able to see it through their eyes that one can truly appreciate it. LA has some amazing places. Sometimes […]

Mar 31 14

Mudfoot Dirty Hundo

by Errin

What could be better than climbing a long and steep dirt road through the Angeles National Forest? Climbing a long and steep dirt road through the Angeles National Forest with like minded people of course! The Mudfoot Dirty Hundo was the second ride put on by the Mudfoot gang/team/trend-setters? I don’t know what they are […]

Mar 25 14

SWRVE and Ocean Air Cycles Hang Sesh

by Errin

Plans sometimes get blown up, which is what happened to us this weekend. We had plans to camp in Yosemite to celebrate our birthdays, but we were both under the weather. So what’s that saying? Something about Lemonade? I like Lemonade. Rob from Ocean Air Cycles was coming down from Ventura for the Swrve Warehouse […]