Casseroll Fenders-Part 2

Ok, so if you’ve been following along you’ll remember that I was having some problems installing the Velo Orange Fenders on the Casseroll. You can catch up here, if you are just joining us.

So after looking at the problems I was having, I knew that I needed some different hardware. The stock Casseroll Triple comes with plastic fenders (not mine though) and they are installed using the Problem Solvers from Harris Cyclery. Well, the Problem Solvers were actually causing the problem for the front fender, so I had to scrap them. I picked up some Recessed nuts, in various sizes, and went about installing the front. All was going well, for a while, but it turns out that these won’t work either. So the front fender is still in limbo, and I believe the only option is to order a L Bracket from Velo Orange and then use the original Problem Solver to hang the fender from. Problem solved? We’ll see.

Turning our attention to the rear. I needed a spacer for the rear fender and some longer bolts. I knew getting the bolts would be easy, but I wanted a cork for the rear spacer, and I don’t drink wine. Enter my friend Doug. He just needs an excuse to open a bottle of wine, and now I have corks coming out of my a#$. Thanks Doug. So with the spacers and the bolts in hand I started on the rear fender.

First thing to do was to measure and drill out the cork. That was pretty easy. Here’s the finished spacer.

After installing the spacer I was able to measure the correct distance for the stays and cut them down. I still need to go back with a file and clean them up though. Here’s a sneak peek at the rear fender. I’ll wait to photograph the entire bike until both fenders are on. This will give you an idea though. Enjoy!