Hell’s Gate Hundred-Pt.1!

This was the weekend of the Hell’s Gate Hundred. A century held in Death Valley and put on by Adventure Corps. For the past couple months I’ve been training towards this event. I’d been riding a training schedule and while I missed some days, I was sticking pretty close to it. However, as the days drew near I started to feel like I bit off more than I could chew.

I was up bright and early Friday packing of the truck/trailer and getting everything ready. Serbrina, my Pops, Bruce and I were going to drive out together and Marcus would be meeting us at the campground. This was going to be the first time in Death Valley for both Serbrina and Bruce.

The drive out was uneventful but we did stop to check out the wildflowers. These flowers were just north of Salsbury Pass. I’ve been out to Death Valley many times, but always to early in the season, so this was a first for me.

After setting up camp, Bruce and Marcus rode over to the check-in. They took part in the Yoga session, while Serbrina and I rode around the Furnace Creek area. We stumbled upon 2 german tourists looking at a map. I immediately noticed that one of the bikes was a Tout Terrain so we stopped to check it out.

They are on a tour that will take them north to Canada. They had some questions about their intended route so I was happy to help them out. They had already ridden up from the Salsbury Pass area that day and were going to spend the night at Furnace Creek.

We invited them to join us at our campground after dinner, but they never made it. Serbrina and my Pops saw them the next morning on there way out towards Towne Pass and the Panamint Valley. Hope they made it over that ok. It looked like a tough climb.

After checking in we all met up back at camp and had a dinner of penne pasta and sausage. Some last minute checking and re-checking of gear and then it was time for some shut-eye. Tomorrow the ride! Stay tuned!

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