Rough Riders Rally Saturday Ride

Day 2 of the Rough Riders Rally. This was going to be the longer ride with mixed terrain and much more climbing. We all met at Tam Bikes for coffee and bagels, and then rode off in waves. The first climb might have been the steepest. Riding up the steep streets that would get us to the beginning of Railroad Grade and the climb up to Mt. Tam. After West Point Inn the fireroad pointed downward and then turned into single track that dropped us off at Highway 1. Here’s the route from Garmin.

One of the highlights was meeting Sean, the owner of Rawland Bicycles. He had his Rawland Drakkar on the ride and I even got to ride it later in the evening. I got to talk with him for a little while after the dinner and we discussed the differences between the Salsa Fargo and the Drakkar. On appearances they look similar, but they are really very different bikes.

The route took us up and over a couple hills and around every turn was a photo op.

One of the stops was Battery Townsley. A World War II fortification.

At the bottom of the 2nd to last climb I came across this sign. Road closed? Really? We’re on a Rough Riders Rally though, so I decided to take my chances. I was rewarded at the top with a great view.

My trusty Salsa Fargo and me at the top.

At the top of the final climb of the day I took some time to rest and soak in the scenery. I only had one descent left and then the weekend was soon going to be over. Best to savor it.

Later that night we all got together for some socializing and some food. Everyone put their bikes on display and we voted on the our favorite bike. Sean from Rawland won 1st Place with his Drakkar. Here’s a couple of the bikes that were there.

Jacquie Phelan’s Chris Cunningham built bike.


One of the best bikes there, a Surly Long Haul Trucker!

Huge thanks to AdventureCorps for putting on this event. There are many more pictures on the AdventureCorps page to check out. I’ve got more pics here as well.