Feel My Legs/CicLAvia Sunday!

Damn! What a full day! Feel My Legs I’m A Racer and CicLAvia? Yeah, we can do this!

First up was Feel My Legs I’m A Racer. It’s put on by Matt and his club SWARM! It’s a race over 10 of the toughest hills in Los Angeles. The LA Wheelman put on a hillclimb of Fargo Street every year. Well, for this race, Fargo Street is only one of ten hills! Nuts!

I wasn’t going to be able to ride the entire route, but the first three hills were all new to me so I was stoked. After a short ride to Mt. Washington we were at the base of Hill #1. The longest hill of the day at something like 1 mile. Ha! I made it up the hill ok, but was humbled at how fast some of these riders can climb! I didn’t even see the fast riders. They were moving. After climbing we got to do a really fun descent down the backside to Ave. 50. The views from up there were amazing. I’ll be adding this to my rides.

The second hill was Eldred St. A very short hill, but steeper than Fargo I think. Or maybe as steep but longer. It dead-ends into a mountain. How people even get up there everyday is amazing. I only made it about halfway or so. This hill was were the carnage began. Lots of falling over and slipping of road cleats.

Hill #3 was surprisingly close to home. In fact, it’s like a block off my route to work. I had no idea it was up there. This was the best surprise of the day. So many great roads in the area. Some right under my nose. I rode most of this, but I did have to walk about 50 feet of it. It was kind of undulating. Steep, then mellow, then steep, then flat and then steep. Such a change the entire way. Tough to find a rhythm.

Here’s the route of the three hills that I did.

After the descent of this hill I headed home to grab Serbrina and the tandem. We rode down to CicLAvia in Los Angeles and the eastern end of the route. It was really cool seeing the bikes everywhere. I wish I took more pictures but the tandem is quite the handful. We met up with Ohaijoe, Jonthelam and Graphikdeziner at Hollenbeck Park and hung out there for a while. That was fun, especially because my favorite food truck was there!

After the park we rode into downtown for a while before heading home. We had an exciting moment when a woman fell right in front of us, got up and then fell almost into us! Oh, and the guy hopping his bike like a lowrider, and then the front end collapsing in front of a crowd of people was pretty fun too!

What a great day! Learning new roads in the morning and then spending the rest of the day with Serbrina and some new friends. I think we’re both looking forward to next year’s Feel My Legs and the next CicLAvia!