Carmel Bikepackin’

I typed up a bunch of words to describe this trip, but I didn’t like it. Too many words. I think the pictures speak for themselves so I’m just going to share them. I will say a few things though.

One, this trip was tough. Really tough. I think I pushed my bike almost as much as I rode it. Steep hills, mud, stream crossings and yeah, a river crossing!

Two, my kit worked out great! It didn’t start out that way, and I had to re-distribute some gear. Once I did that though I was pretty happy with everything. There are a couple more things to add to my kit, but overall it worked out great!

Enough with the words, here are the pics!

  • Ian

    Great pics! You are right… say it all. Thanks for sharing!

  • Nice, Errin! Looking forward to meeting you!

    • Same to you Scott! I can’t wait to check out your bags and soak up some knowledge!

  • Charlie Lotte

    The pics are great! You’re right – saying it was “tough” doesn’t have the impact of seeing it in the pics. Thanks.

  • Wow … gorgeous scenery. It looks very difficult indeed, but also a lot of fun. Such a variety of terrain, too!

  • Rob

    Really nice pics, looks like the spring weather trated you guys pretty well. I need to get out into the hills before things get hot, this was a good reminder

  • Jacques Brosseau

    Wow great looking scenery and interesting terrain. What was your route? It seems like the kind of route I would like to do. Thanks

  • Davewyman

    I’m late to the party. Awesome trip and photos.